Tuesday, February 7, 2012

About me

I quite clearly remember my first computer and the feeling that came with it. It was a C64 and i was six years old. I remember vividly how i dreamed of coding games where huge space ships would fire laser beams and fly though space. I remember how i typed in words i did not know, ( from the C64 programming manual ) into the little machine to see what these programs did only to be mostly disappointed at the results. And then on one magical evening at a fair when i saw the first sierra's space quest. To say that i was completely blown away would be such a huge understatement.

The very idea of role playing and game stories was magical to me. Yes i was a very young little nerd who slaved away in front of many different computers over the years to try and make games. From C64 language to GW-basic to Q-basic to Turbo-Pascal to C++, C# and other. I very quickly did learn that creating games was what i really wanted to do in life, but it was ridiculously difficult and time consuming when you are programming alone or with only your best friend as your solo graphic artist.

Our attempt at making a 4-colour cga version of space quest in 1990 was incredible fun but proved hard due to the fact that i had to do all the animation and programming when my friend used a horrible drawing tool i built to design the back screens. We had bags of fun but never really finished it. But it did have a loading screen, music ( sound lolz ), a short trailer of a spaceship crashing into a planet and a main character that walked around on this alien planet exploring deserts and caves. I loved every moment of it.

 I remember later getting my hands on a 256 color graphics system (vga) to use for Pascal coding. At that time we were working on a new drawing tool and a 2d-side scroller game involving fighting robots but i started to get into 3d graphics. My first homegrown 3d engine ( running on high school maths and 3-point perspective systems ) proved interesting but not very stable. Objects could rotate and move around but not much else. In between these spurts of creativity i played the glorious games of my youth. Star-control 2, the sierra quest series, x-wing vs tie fighter, prince of persia original.

Nowadays its EVE, WOW, AION, Rift, Dota, LoL, DcUol, Skyrim, CNC, SWTOR and GW2. In between all these years, i studied programming and engineering, got married, travelled, and got a real job, but i still long to be part of MMO Development in a huge way. I see what the new mmo companies are doing and im beyond excited at the possibilities. I also know that i have a lot to offer the MMO industry in terms of innovation and direction. I have always felt that from all the flavors of gaming, MMO's are the most exciting and to be fair, the future of all games are online. That trend is already becoming evident anyway.

If you want send me an email on beukes2@gmail.com

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