Thursday, February 9, 2012

fear the dark blade ....

Remember how aion had 3 different item enchantment systems all into one :

1. You could socket manastones of different stats into the item.

2. you could enchant ( by level ) an item up to level +15 ( most ppl only went to +11 )

3. you could merge or fuse it with another item of power to create an even more powerful weapon.

I luved this system but i think the sky and effort should be the limit on how far you could take customisation.

Coming from Aion to rift where item enchantment was almost non-existent it was a great let down. But Rift did have so many other things going for it.

Items should ultimately be customisable in every way. You should be able to bestow blessings from every different tree of magic onto one blade, improve it, socket gems in it, sharpen it, to craft items of such immense power that players would feel a bond with their gear and characters seen never before. Why would you quit playing a game where your gear has been crafted for months with every possible form of magic and gem that you can imagine.

Shallow item customisation is a thing of the past anyway.

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