Thursday, February 9, 2012

the skyrim effect :)

tbh : skyrim changed the expectations of many gamers out there. It lifted the bar for mmos and rgs in general. It was full of awesum intelligent npc's, it has plenty of mystery, an incredible story, uber customisation, you can kill anyone and take all their stuff ( LUVED IT ). skyrim has ambiance like no other, it creates a mood of pure bliss. The music is brilliant, the world magical and interesting. The shout magic : deep and mysterious and wonderful. The way the monks teach you their secrets. Clever mobs abound and fight you like real ppl. Animals are there, but not in droves and they want to live. They run away, hide, fight only when they have to. The sneaking and stealing alone would have made a great game. This is my favorite game of all time. Now if only i could bring along my friends to this land.... Here's hoping
Bethesda :)

How long will mmo games tolerate sub-par rpg's after playing this monster ?

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