Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Oh lol @ generic and boring magic. Do we really want to throw another fireball ? Shoot another ice shard ? I certainly don't. Specially not if you know you are going to use that spell about 20 million more times in the course of the next 50 to 95 levels. No, magic needs a serious re-design. What we need is game where you would not walk in with magic sprouting leisurely from your palms. You should first enter a complex world where you would need to find a master magician
willing to train you. You would need to spend many hours in deep meditation and ritualist training to gain even minimal grasp of the smallest spells, or even the ability to do magic at all. Afterward magic should grow stronger on use-age, NOT LEVELS PLZ. Also magic should not be a generic fire/shadow/water/ice/earth/wind affair anymore.

Wouldn't it be kewl to have to travel for days to reach an enormous forested land where you know there might reside a secret dragon cult. Then only after searching for days you glimpse a peek at one of the monks entering a underground cavern. Entering their world lets you eventually master parts of their dark magic. A magic that has serious effects upon your character. A magic that changes you from who you are but lets you gain so much more. Imagine then that after your months with the dragon cult you go on your way again and search this time for the fabled faerie court. Its an entire epic journey of deceit and intrigue but in the end you master their arts. Once again you depart their ranks changed and uplifted but wiser and more dangerous. Now you seek out the Legend of the chasm of mirth. A dark place where you are free to meditate and hone your dark and light skills, where nosey townsfolk don't want to burn you alive. But this chasm has a much darker secret. In the darkest reaches there lies a fabled altar with the power to combine different spells to create a unique new power that harnesses the power from both the dragon magic as well as the faerie court. Here you slave away many weeks, but when you finally emerge, its with new powers that reek of dragon and faerie both. Spells where the effects of both disciplines show in its use, and effects the poor target in a totally different way from what the original spells of the dragon cult or faerie would have. For instance : The two initials spells would have been dragon's breath and faeries' spite, The new spell might turn the enemy into a sheep while simultaneously burning its skin with the dragon corruption. The new spell also far more powerful than any of its orgin spells.

Suddenly firing a fireball rank 2 thousands of times does not seem worth it anymore.

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