Wednesday, February 8, 2012

World Events

When i first started playing rift, the promise of world events made me crazy with anticipation. But sum-how the events turned out to be a bit shallow and the day after an event would pretty much be the same as the day before. I did fight sum crazy world boss once and i luved it. But simply fighting a relatively predictable boss creature walking around parts of the world was not enough. The stories was kewl but the whole original promise of world events did not pan out as i had hoped.

What i had discussed with a friend earlier was the possibility of having a world that would be in constant motion inside a story that was clearly happening everywhere in the world where you tread.

I had an idea of an ancient dark creature that had nearly destroyed civilisation many thousands of years ago. This creature was sum-how beaten and all that remained of it were part of its original armour. These armor pieces was then taken to the four corners of the land and guarded safely for millennia by an order of monks trained for this purpose. The whole idea of a world in motion would be where the npc forces would have a large buildup in a part of the land and would eventually start moving from that point towards one of the sacred sites where an armor piece was kept. They would march the land and conquer areas of the map, rendering it un-usable for players and then move on towers the next position. This would have various effects. First of all the player base might rise up and fight these forces back and defeat them or they might be allowed to build up and march and eventually take possession of the armor piece. This process would then have to be repeated to gain all the armor until after a dark ritual the fabled creature would be unleashed upon the world. This would spell certain doom for player cities and large map areas until players pushed the forces back and defeat the creature.

Rift did a lot of this but they lacked the courage to keep the map in the conquered state for a long time after an event, afraid that it would upset players who could not return their quests.

Now imagine the entire world conquered and staying like that until players acted. Or being sum where in the middle of that story knowing that if you don't act now the entire game world might change for the worst. I would have luved that. And i hope trion still does this.

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